Taking the Measure of Solitude in the Wilderness

5 hours ago
Kurt Holtz

People are drawn to wilderness areas for many reasons, hiking, bird watching, or camping, but another attraction is solitude.  

On a hike in southwest Virginia’s Mountain Lake Robbie Harris met a ranger who was actually measuring the amount of solitude to be had out there.  

Mallory Noe-Payne / RADIOIQ



More than ten years ago, a small team of students and engineers from Virginia Tech won big at a national contest for software that allowed a car to drive all on its own.


That technology has since grown into a successful Blacksburg-based company that’s on the cutting edge of self-driving technology.

AP Photo / J. David Ake

Virginia is about to hit the tipping point in terms of demographics, a shift that will challenge what it means to be a racial majority.

AP Photo / Orlin Wagner, File

President Donald Trump is backing up his unfounded claim that millions of illegal votes were cast for his opponent with a commission to investigate voter fraud. Washington correspondent Matt Laslo reports that many lawmakers from our region are dubious of the commission, and some Republicans wonder if it's a top priority.

Jeff Bossert

Virginia’s growth as a craft beer state is now expanding to a few movie theaters.  A new law will add beer and wine to the concession stands at non-profit cinemas, including the Grandin Theatre in Roanoke and the Byrd Theatre in Richmond.

MBandman / Creative Commons

Money has become an increasingly important part of politics, and candidates spend a larger portion of their time on the campaign trail dialing for dollars. But, as Michael Pope reports, money does not always equal success.


With the rise of online lenders, consumers in Virginia can be hit with loans that have interest rates far beyond any brick-and-mortar location. Now one lawmaker from Northern Virginia is offering a solution, although consumer advocates say the bill might cause more problems than it solves. 

Pamela D'Angelo

In recent years, Chesapeake watermen and seafood processors have begun developing a market for blue catfish, that invasive species that has exploded in regional waters vacuuming up baby blue crabs, shad, striped bass and other economically important fish. But new USDA inspection rules that hold foreign imports to U.S. standards could threaten that growing market.

Storytelling is as old as the human race; from cave paintings and tales told around a fire to modern day messages beamed across satellites, there has always been a desire to communicate personal experiences and insights.  One Roanoke woman is making that happen in her hometown, creating a place to share life’s moments.   

AP Photo / Cliff Owen

Democrats are eager to fight for the blue-collar voters who once made up the core of their base, voters who sided with Trump last year. Now they have a new platform of issues to attract those voters, and Democrats chose Virginia as the staging ground to launch that attack against the Republicans. 


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