Governor Ralph Northam will sign a bill Tuesday aimed at making feminine hygiene products more available in prisons and jails in Virginia. But advocates for menstrual equity say much more needs to be done.

Charlottesville has a new police chief – the first woman to hold the job. 

National Museum of the Civil War Soldier

Children heading for summer camp have lots of choice – from conventional outdoor adventures to computer programming, the science of space travel and sports of all kinds.  Here in Virginia there’s a camp that allows kids to experience the American Civil War.  It's located in Dinwiddie County near Petersburg.

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Last month was one of the warmest Mays ever, with a few locations across Virginia seeing record average temperatures.

Virginia Public Access Project

Elementary students in Chesterfield County are about to become the latest in Virginia to experience year-round schools, and in Salem the consequences of not paying the meals taxes just got a little more serious.

Sarah Mirk / Flickr CC

In Virginia, almost 40-percent of women say their most recent pregnancy was unplanned. A new pilot program funded in the latest state budget, is hoping to lower that number.

A divided panel of federal regulators has denied requests from individuals and public interest groups to reconsider its approval of the Mountain Valley Pipeline.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on Friday issued an order turning down the requests. Two of the five commissioners dissented.

Miguel Gereda / Creative Commons

The number of children who live in poverty is coming down across the country. But not in Virginia.

As white supremacists battled their opponents in Charlottesville last summer, a counterprotester used an aerosol can to create a small flame-thrower.  He said he did so in self-defense and the prosecutor argued for leniency, but Corey Long may be headed for jail.


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