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Lawmakers who represent the Commonwealth in Washington are engaged in a fierce debate over tax reform. Correspondent Matt Laslo reports from Washington on how that may help or hurt you.

(AP Photo/Steve Helber)

Voters will face some stark choices when they vote for governor next month. The two major party candidates are on opposite ends of numerous issues from environmental issues to health care.

Dwight Bigler

Oct 20, 2017
Virginia Tech

Kevin Sanders interviews Dwight Bigler , Director of the Blacksburg Master Chorale and VT Choirs for the Virginia Tech School of Performing Arts. 

Obama Lends Star Power to Virginia Democrats

Oct 19, 2017
Steve Helber / AP



Democrats in Richmond are energized after a visit from former President Barack Obama. Obama headlined a rally in support of the Democratic ticket for Governor, Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General. Officials estimate about 7,500 people attended.

Coming to Your Neighborhood? Bat BnBs!

Oct 19, 2017

With cooler weather here in Virginia, bats head into attics or caves where it’s cool enough to slow their metabolism for hibernation -- but warm enough to prevent freezing. In the spring they’ll emerge, looking for a hot spot, and some will find deluxe accommodations in special houses developed by a Virginia man.  

Virginia Foundation for the Humanities

The presidential election of 2016 left many Americans wondering if there was any way to bridge some deep cultural divides in this country.  How could Mexican Americans, for example, find common ground with coal miners from Appalachia?  

Michael Pope

Health officials across Virginia are bracing for the worst while also helping people feel their best.

Women: "I'm Gonna Be an Engineer"

Oct 19, 2017

Even though a little more than half of all college students are female, in engineering they comprise just 20- percent of the class. Studies suggest it’s not that girls aren’t interested in the field.   There’s more to it than that. 

One Woman's Mission to Aid Puerto Rico

Oct 18, 2017

Tired of waiting for the federal government or the Red Cross to step in, some Virginians are stepping up – doing what they can for the people of Puerto Rico.  

AP Photo / Steve Helber, File

During the election season, Virginia’s two major-party candidates for governor have clashed on everything from environmental issues to health care. This week a new division is emerging on education policy.


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